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Torrenting a Ripper!

Torrenting a Ripper!Blendover Episode 175:

Blendover returns after a short break, and this week we kick off the show looking into a reversal of copyright law in the United Kingdom. The change in law essentially makes it illegal for anyone to rip their CDs (or other media) using iTunes, or any other type of media software with ripping capabilities.

Our Craniumelody artist this episode is Snaked.

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Topics Discussed:

  • iTunes illegal under UK law
  • Robot builds its own babies
  • Snaked
  • War on Atheism
  • Iron Maiden
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • WTF: Flying Spiders
  • WTF: Ovipositor
  • WTF: Robbery from Vagina

BlendoveR is the “trendover” podcast, bringing you the news that the news isn’t covering. Presented by Greg Davies and Aaron Ciavarra, we focus on topics that are not trending across the web and in the mainstream media, and have a knack accurate predictions of coming events, trends, and media coverage.



iTunes illegal under UK law

iTunes is illegal under UK Copyright Law



Robot builds its own babies

Scientists Make Robot That Builds Its Own Babies: One Step Closer To The Apocalypse




Snaked @

Hugh Myrone @ Bandcamp

Hugh Myrone @ SoundCloud

Hugh Myrone @ Facebook

Hugh Myrone @ Instagram

Hugh Myrone @ Twitter

Hugh Myrone @ YouTube

Depressed Teenager @ Bandcamp

Depressed Teenager @ SoundCloud

Depressed Teenager @ Tumblr

Depressed Teenager @ Twitter



War on Atheism

School ‘banishes’ 7yo student for saying he doesn’t believe in God – lawsuit



Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden – Speed Of Light (Official Video)



Zombie Apocalypse

Cannibal arrested for feasting on hearts, livers and even brains of his family and neighbours

Drunk man digs up father’s grave to argue with him

Grannyball Lecter: Woman ripper, 68, murdered, chopped up and ate 14 victims

Students learn survival skills, prep for zombie apocalypse



WTF: Flying Spiders

Enormous spider that can FLY despite having no wings discovered in South America



WTF: Ovipositor

The Emerging Fetish of Laying Alien Eggs Inside Yourself



WTF: Robbery from Vagina – Police Edition

In Texas, police search woman’s vagina for marijuana



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