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Blendover Episode Seventeen

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PrivaTRAPez0id Cha0sTopics Discussed:

  • The 9/11 Rope Mystery
  • Bitcoin
  • Rippln Scam
  • James McCormick and the Fake Bomb Detectors
  • Real Superheroes
  • Privatized Intelligence
  • The Bees Are Disappearing
  • Murder of DA Mike McLelland in Texas
  • Xbox Durango

BlendoveR is a fun, hard-hitting pod-cast where rules are regularly thrown out the window in favor of honest, open commentating opinions.  Presented by Greg Davies (cGt2099 from, and Terr Ciavarra (Media Nox from, we stray on to any topic that presents itself or wanders off onto its own tangent.



The 9/11 Rope Mystery

9/11 debris found in New York identified as plane wing

9/11 Plane Wing Found In Lower Manhattan; Police Say Aircraft Part From WTC Attacks Is Not Landing Gear

9/11 Plane Wreckage Wedged Between Buildings Is A “Trailing Edge Flap”

New York officials to seek human remains at 9/11 plane part site

Plane Part Near WTC Identified as Wing Flap Support, Rope Mystery Solved

Was 9/11 landing gear found beside mosque lowered there by opponents of development? Extraordinary claims following stunning find




BBC Global News Podcast – 28 Apr 13

Blame Canada for the Bitcoin tax precedent

Hack attacks hit Bitcoin exchange rates

To someone who has not heard of bitcoin or is not tech-savvy, you are basically just ripping them off

Wikipedia: Bitcoin



Rippln Scam

+1 this post and I’ll unveil the secret behind Rippln!

Brian Underwood @ LinkedIn

iZigg BBB Business Review

iZigg Complaints

Rippln: Multi-Level-Marketing invading App store

Rippln NDA

What Not To Do In Your Startup Promo Video



James McCormick and the Fake Bomb Detectors

Businessman convicted of fraud over ‘detector’

Millionaire businessman James McCormick guilty of selling fake bomb detectors

Millionaire McCormick guilty of fake bomb detector scam

Wikipedia: ADE 651



Real Superheroes

Police “ready” for May Day. So is Phoenix Jones

Seattle Super Heroes Will Be On The Street This May Day To Defend The City Against EVIL






TOKiMONSTA @ SoundCloud


TOKiMONSTA – Official Site

TOKiMONSTA @ Facebook



TOKiMONSTA @ Twitter



Privatized Intelligence

3 burned critically in explosions on Ala. fuel barges; spark from cleaning crew a likely cause

Amy Forliti: Helped out Texas colleagues today…

Body of Missing Student at Brown Is Discovered


ENSCO: SENTRY — CBRN Early Warning and Decision Support System

ENSCO’s Leading Rail Customers

Explosions on River in Alabama Injure 3

Kirby Inland Marine

Marathon Runner Joe Berti Witnesses Double Disasters

Officials: Boston suspect had no firearm when barrage of bullets hit hiding place

Oil Recovery Company – Partial Client List

Student wrongly tied to Boston bombings found dead

Suspected Iran link in Canadian rail plot puzzles terror experts

Suspects in alleged terrorism train plot make first court appearances

Wikipedia: Toronto train bombing plot



The Bees Are Disappearing

Bee deaths: EU to ban neonicotinoid pesticides

Insecticide firms in secret bid to stop ban that could save bees – Last-ditch lobbying to sway vote in Brussels to halt use of killer nerve agents

Neonicotinoid ban eases the stress on bees



Murder of DA Mike McLelland in Texas

Charges Set in Killings of Officials in Texas

Disgraced Official’s Wife Accuses Him in Texas Killings

Eric Williams’, ex-justice of the peace, charged in Texas slayings

FBI Offers $200,000 for Information on Murder in Texas

Investigators find vehicle linked to Mark Hasse murder

Kim Williams, wife of jailed ex-Kaufman County JP Eric Williams, arrested on capital murder charge for murder of Texas prosecutors.

Records: Ex-Official’s Wife Says Husband Shot D.A.

Suspect in Texas Prosecutor Killings Has Nothing to Do With the Aryan Brotherhood

Texas: Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, wife reportedly found dead in home

Turns Out, Cops Couldn’t Find Eric Williams’ Missing Getaway Car Because It’d Been Towed

Wife of Former Justice of the Peace Arrested in Prosecutors Deaths – 4/17/2013



Xbox Durango

“Durango” Unchained: Will DRM cost Australians functionality with the new Xbox?

Microsoft to unveil “new generation” Xbox in May

The New Xbox: Touch Controllers and Named “Infinity”?



Music Featured:

  • Sweet Williams” by TOKiMONSTA from the album Half Shadows



Music used in the BlendoveR Intro Theme was performed and written by GOTHIC KNIGHTS
[Music and clips are copyright to respective owners, and are used under Fair Use]