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Clip Show #2

Clip Show #2Blendover Episode 149:

We look to the past, with our second clip show. We return to our accurate predictions on how the media began to define terrorism, & then our Trigger Warnings deconstruction from earlier this year. Later, we take a listen to clips from episodes of TARDISblend and Heavy Metal Historian. Clips in the show feature Dwayne DeFreitas, Rick Reid, Andy Sorcini, & Tom Cheredar.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Shout-Outs and Other Remarks
  • Mass Shooting Events are now Terrorism
  • Trigger Warnings
  • Heavy Metal Historian: Thrash Metal
  • Doctor Who / TARDISblend

BlendoveR is the “trendover” podcast, bringing you the news that the news isn’t covering. Presented by Greg Davies, we focus on topics that are not trending across the web and in the mainstream media, and have a knack accurate predictions of coming events, trends, and media coverage.



Shout-Outs and Other Remarks

Get to the Damn Point

Jennifer Wieda @ Reddit

The Future of Thrash Metal

Media Nox

RIP R.A. Montgomery 1936-2014, founder of Choose Your Own Adventure


The Drill Down

Tom Cheredar @ VentureBeat

Get to the Damn Point



Mass Shooting Events are now Terrorism

Police officer safety or surplus zeal: Military equipment spurs debate

Public Records for Pulaski County, Indiana


U.S. Revives Domestic Terror Unit Amid Rise in Right-Wing Shootings



Trigger Warnings

9 Trigger Warnings for Hamlet

1990 KISS Interview: Paul and Gene Talk PMRC, and more

A Look at Resilience

A trigger warning is a spoiler alert for reality

Addictions: Identifying and Managing Triggers

Building Resilience in a Turbulent World

Bullying and Suicide Risk — Building Resilience

Geek Feminism Wiki: Trigger Warning

History of PTSD: World War I

How The Trigger Warning Took Over The Internet

How To Bully Proof Your Children by Building Their Resilience

In Defense of Being Offensive: Jonathan Rauch on the New Threats to Free Thought

Know Your Meme: 2014 Tumblr – 4chan Raids

New Edition Of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Removes The N-Word

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD, Cutting, and Other Forms of Self-Injury

Recognize 4chan “raids” as internet crimes, and hold the participants responsible for their harmful actions

Stop 4chan Spamming

The Illusion of Safety / The Safety of Illusion

The trouble with trigger warnings

That all users of Tumblr be labelled as mentally handicapped landwhales

Treatment, Not Trigger Warnings

Trigger Happy

Trigger warnings on classic literature are one small step from book banning

We’ve gone too far with ‘trigger warnings’

What is a Trigger?

What’s Really Important About ‘Trigger Warnings’

Why I Stopped Rolling My Eyes at Trigger Warnings

Wikipedia: Trauma Trigger



Heavy Metal Historian

The Rise of Thrash Metal



Doctor Who / TARDISblend

TARDISblend 72: Deep Breath



Music used in the BlendoveR Intro Theme was performed and written by GOTHIC KNIGHTS
[Music and clips are copyright to respective owners, and are used under Fair Use]