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a blend of iNSAnity

a blend of iNSAnityBlendover Episode Sixty Three:

Andy Sorcini from The Drill Down guests on Blendover as the NSA has been infecting PCs with malware. It’s a violation that will outrage you. We have follow-ups on Mitrice Richardson, Pussy Riot, & Ryan Ferguson. We glance at James Franco’s & Seth Rogan’s parody of Kanye West. Finally, we have the latest on Star Wars…

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Topics Discussed:

  • Shout Outs
  • NSA
  • The Mitrice Richardson Case
  • Pussy Riot
  • Ryan Ferguson
  • City of Fire
  • James Franco and Seth Rogan
  • Star Wars

BlendoveR is a fun, hard-hitting podcast where rules are regularly thrown out the window in favor of honest, open commentating opinions.  Presented by Greg Davies (cGt2099 from, and Terr Ciavarra (Media Nox from, we stray on to any topic that presents itself or wanders off onto its own tangent.



Shout Outs

Doctor Who TARDISblend 70: Day Of The Doctor

Hey everyone – I’m leaving Facebook and moving on to other social networks…




NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software



The Mitrice Richardson Case

The handwriting on the wall



Pussy Riot

Jailed Pussy Riot member found in Siberian prison hospital



Ryan Ferguson

First weeks of freedom after a DECADE in jail: Cleared Ryan Ferguson shares his new life including a cocktail with his girlfriend



City of Fire

City of Fire @ Amazon

City of Fire – Official Site

City of Fire @

City of Fire @ Facebook

City of Fire @ MySpace

City of Fire @ Twitter

City of Fire @ Wikipedia



Kanye West vs. Franco / Rogan

James Franco & Seth Rogen – Bound 3 (Vague)

Kanye West – Bound 2 (Explicit)



Star Wars

Star Wars Episode VII auditions held in London and Dublin

Star Wars Episode VII News Update: Doctor Who Actor Matt Smith Rumored for Film

Star Wars Episode VII Reportedly Looking For A ’40-Something Military Man’



Music Featured:



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