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Anything Goes

Anything GoesBlendover Episode 174:

This edition of Blendover is a special episode, where we take a break from the “No Go Zone” and introduce a new feature to the show: “Anything Goes”. First up, we look at the unusual story of a baby earning a lifetime hunting permit in the United States, and then return to the scandal of the Westminster Child Abuse Ring in the United Kingdom. Our Craniumelody artist this episode is Swarms.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Newborn Lifetime Combination Hunting and Fishing License
  • The Westminster Child Abuse Scandal
  • Swarms
  • Devin Townsend
  • League of Legends
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • WTF: Mystery Pooper – Golf Edition
  • WTF: Robbery from Vagina

BlendoveR is the “trendover” podcast, bringing you the news that the news isn’t covering. Presented by Greg Davies and Aaron Ciavarra, we focus on topics that are not trending across the web and in the mainstream media, and have a knack accurate predictions of coming events, trends, and media coverage.



Newborn Lifetime Combination Hunting and Fishing License

Six-month-old baby gets lifetime hunting licence in US

Newborn Lifetime Combination Hunting and Fishing Licenses



The Westminster Child Abuse Scandal

60 minutes Australia – Westminster UK – high level child abuse exposé




Swarms @ BandCamp

Swarms @ SoundCloud

Swarms @ iTunes

Swarms @ Facebook

Swarms @



Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend Has Written Another DTP Record, Finished Outline for Symphony



League of Legends

‘League of Legends’ pirate Gangplank is dead; long live Gangplank



Zombie Apocalypse

Body of California Woman Missing Six Years Discovered in Apartment Wall

Cannibal arrested for feasting on hearts, livers and even brains of his family and neighbours

Italian ‘cannibal’ who believed he was God killed his Irish landlord

Students learn survival skills, prep for zombie apocalypse



WTF: Mystery Pooper – Golf Edition

Mystery pooper targeting holes of Norwegian golf course



WTF: Robbery from Vagina

Devon man charged with robbery from woman’s vagina



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Music used in the BlendoveR Intro Theme was performed and written by GOTHIC KNIGHTS
[Music and clips are copyright to respective owners, and are used under Fair Use]