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A Disquisition Show

As we transition from Social Blend and Disquisition into our new BlendoveR podcast, I decided to post a couple episodes here for new visitors to see where we came from…

This episode of Disquisition was our most listened-to show. It featured guest Andy Sorcini aka Mr Baby Man, as we dissected the death of old Digg, and the birth of new Digg…

A Disquisition ShowTopics Discussed:

  • Contemporary Digg – The Preview
  • Rethink Digg or Rethunk Dugg?
  • The Decline and Fall of Ancient Digg
  • Migratory Patterns of Internet Users
  • Facebook Suburbanization
  • What we’re reading

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Disquisition is a podcast documenting the meandering tangents and discursive ramblings within ongoing conversations between Greg Davies aka cGt2099 and Lee Garnett aka ncomment. The show goes in depth into a variety of thoughts ranging from socio-cultural elements and political elements within social media; to history and philosophy, and a variety of book and film recommendations.

Music used in the Disquisition Intro and Closing Theme was performed and written by Terr Ciavarra aka Media Nox

Catch Greg Davies online at the Social Blend Podcast and on Twitter @cGt2099

Catch Lee Garnett online at his ncomment comics blog and on Twitter @ncomment