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Girl Scouts Stand for Transgender Rights

Girl Scouts Stand for Transgender RightsBlendover Episode 172:

Girl Scouts in Washington recently received a donation of $100,000, from a donor who demanded a guarantee that it would not be used to support transgender girls. In response, the Girl Scouts RETURNED the money, opened a fundraiser, tripled the money, & stated “We won’t exclude ANY girl”. Blendover discusses the story. Our Craniumelody artist this episode is Nick Phoenix.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Girl Scouts Stand for Transgender Rights
  • WTF Australia
  • Nick Phoenix
  • RIP Chris Squire of Yes
  • Super Bionic Eye
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • WTF: Dead Tickets
  • WTF: Dick Oranges
  • WTF: Get A Job
  • WTF: ISIS Dildos

BlendoveR is the “trendover” podcast, bringing you the news that the news isn’t covering. Presented by Greg Davies and Aaron Ciavarra, we focus on topics that are not trending across the web and in the mainstream media, and have a knack accurate predictions of coming events, trends, and media coverage.



Girl Scouts Stand for Transgender Rights

Girl Scouts is #ForEVERYGirl

Girl Scouts reject anti-transgender gift, then triple the money

Girl Scouts Return $100,000 to Anti-Transgender Donor: ”We Won’t Exclude Any Girl”



WTF Australia

Australia bans 220 video games in 4 months as Government adopts new classification model

Australian Contractors Will Now Go to Jail for Reporting Child Abuse in Detention Centers

Australia’s largest woodlands ‘will not be protected if it prevents mining’

Australia’s New Law Would Strip Citizenship

Australian senate passes controversial anti-piracy, website-blocking laws



Nick Phoenix

Nick Phoenix @ CD Baby

Nick Phoenix @ Amazon

Two Steps From Hell – Official Site

Nick Phoenix @ Facebook

Nick Phoenix @ IMDb

Nick Phoenix @

Nick Phoenix @ Wikipedia



RIP Chris Squire of Yes

Founding YES Bassist CHRIS SQUIRE Dead At 67



Super Bionic Eye

The 8 Minute Surgery That Will Give You Superhuman Vision. Forever



Zombie Apocalypse

Ancient Greeks may have feared the walking dead

Cannibal Mom Sent to Mental Asylum in Kolkata

Face-to-face with the Satanic cult cannibal who baked his victims in meat pies

Students learn survival skills, prep for zombie apocalypse



WTF: Dead Tickets

Traffic wardens in New York give car two parking tickets while man sits dead in driver’s seat



WTF: Dick Oranges

Collier man accused of biting, swinging knife at loss prevention officer after suspected theft



WTF: Get A Job

Man who cannot walk, talk or feed himself told to attend Job Centre interview



WTF: ISIS Dildos

CNN Mistakes Dildos for ISIS



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