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Upper Decker H€LL BU$

Upper Decker H€LL BU$Blendover Episode 147:

On one side of the pond, the UK unveils their bus powered by human POO, while on the other side in the US the religious right are horrified about The Satanic Temple distributing a activity book for children in Florida. Later, we examine how Facebook will SCREW OVER unsigned bands, and find out what Apple is up to with “free” or “not-so-free” games. Our Craniumelody artist this week is Trocadero.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Shout-Outs and Other Remarks
  • Poo Bus
  • The Satanic Temple
  • Trocadero
  • Farcebook Pages $cam
  • Apple Games
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • WTF: Rabbit Neck Snapping 101
  • WTF: The Body Parts Men

BlendoveR is the “trendover” podcast, bringing you the news that the news isn’t covering. Presented by Greg Davies, we focus on topics that are not trending across the web and in the mainstream media, and have a knack accurate predictions of coming events, trends, and media coverage.




Adele Blazic @ Twitter

Clearing up Net Neutrality

Doctor Who TARDISblend 83: Death In Heaven

Ed Gein: Through a Dead Skin Mask

Elizabeth Bathory: Countess of Blood

Jesse Tedford @ Facebook

Media Nox

RIP R.A. Montgomery 1936-2014, founder of Choose Your Own Adventure

Shawn Rosco @ Twitter


The Drill Down

Tom Cheredar @ VentureBeat

WildThingFoxyLady @ Twitter



Poo Bus

UK’s first ‘poo bus’ goes into service between Bristol and Bath

Emission Research



The Satanic Temple

FL School Board Vows Policy Change After Satanists Ask to Hand Out Literature Like Christians Do

Lucien Greaves from The Satanic Temple vs Oklahoma Rep Wesselhoft

Reaction: The Amazing Prediction

Satanic Temple challenges policy allowing religious materials to be distributed at public schools

The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities [PDF]

The Satanic Temple’s hilarious response to a pro-religion court ruling




Trocadero @ Amazon

Trocadero @ iTunes

Trocadero – Official Site

Trocadero @ Facebook

Trocadero @

Trocadero @ MySpace

Trocadero @ Twitter

Trocadero @ Wikipedia



Farcebook Pages $cam

Facebook To Make It Harder For Bands To Reach Fans

What Your Band Needs to Know About Facebook’s New Algorithm



Apple Games LOL

Apple no longer labels free-to-play games as ‘Free’ on the App Store



Zombie Apocalypse

A True and Complete Account of the Neuroscience of Zombies

Man allegedly awaiting ‘zombie apocalypse’ pleads guilty to gun charge

Welsh ‘cannibal’ Matthew Williams eats victim Cerys Marie Yemm and then dies after being Tasered in homeless hostel

Zombie Olfaction: Smells Like Undead Spirit



WTF: Rabbit Neck Snapping 101

Idaho Teacher Kills And Skins Rabbit In Class



WTF: The Body Parts Men

Thai arrest warrants issued for ‘body parts’ Americans



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Music used in the BlendoveR Intro Theme was performed and written by GOTHIC KNIGHTS
[Music and clips are copyright to respective owners, and are used under Fair Use]

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