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PumpaceuticalsBlendover Episode One Hundred:

Blendover is looking for a new permanent co-host – let us know if you’re interested!
Peter Egan guests on show 100, where we look at one of the more unusual “devices” that Medicare is funding, and return to the Ebola Crisis & discover that a therapy is being tested. Later, we bring up some WTF Stories Of The Week, & celebrate the return of VAST, with the upcoming release of new music.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Shout-Outs
  • Medicare Spending
  • Ebola
  • Sun & Flesh
  • WTF Stories of the Week
  • VAST

BlendoveR is a fun, hard-hitting podcast where rules are regularly thrown out the window in favor of honest, open commentating opinions.  Presented by Greg Davies (cGt2099 from, and Terr Ciavarra (Media Nox from, we stray on to any topic that presents itself or wanders off onto its own tangent.




Peter Egan – Official Site

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Medicare Spending

PunditFact: Medicare really does spend millions on penis pumps




Angry mob attacks Ebola treatment centre in Guinea

CDC sends team to investigate Ebola outbreak in Guinea

Ebola toll tops 85 in West Africa

Liberia confirms Ebola’s arrival from Guinea

Mob attacks Ebola treatment centre in Guinea, suspected cases reach Mali

Tekmira Doses First Subject in Human Clinical Trial of TKM-Ebola

Tekmira: TKM-Ebola

TKM-Ebola (TKM-100201) (formerly Ebola SNALP)

US Defense Department Spent $140M On Ebola Treatment Research — And They’re Getting Close



Sun & Flesh

Sun & Flesh – Official Site

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Sun & Flesh @ ReverbNation

Sun & Flesh @ Twitter



WTF Stories of the Week

Rat revenge: Philly women unleash rodents on another woman’s home in fight over man

California man washed out to sea during baptism

Florida Man Tries To Shoot Puppy, Puppy Shoots Him Instead




Works In Progress on double CD!!



Music Featured:



Music used in the BlendoveR Intro Theme was performed and written by GOTHIC KNIGHTS
[Music and clips are copyright to respective owners, and are used under Fair Use]

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