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An Odyssey of Technologicide

An Odyssey of TechnologicideBlendover Episode Seventy Two:

Blendover is looking for guest co-hosts for January 2014 – let us know if you’re interested!
Dogecoin users were hacked over the Christmas break, and it turns out that the “news” of an AIDS vaccine has been shot down due to fraudulent science. Meanwhile, Facebook continues to try to control the world, & we examine the fears of Science Fiction becoming Science Fact.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Shout-Outs
  • Dogecoin
  • AIDS / HIV
  • Against Seventy-Two
  • Facebook
  • Science Fiction Becoming Science Fact

BlendoveR is a fun, hard-hitting podcast where rules are regularly thrown out the window in favor of honest, open commentating opinions.  Presented by Greg Davies (cGt2099 from, and Terr Ciavarra (Media Nox from, we stray on to any topic that presents itself or wanders off onto its own tangent.




Doctor Who TARDISblend 71: The Time Of The Doctor

The Drill Down




Bitcoin spoof Dogecoin loses real dollars

Dogecoin Briefly Becomes Most Valuable Cryptocurrency: 5 Fast Facts

Joke no more: Comedy virty currency Dogecoin gets real in big Xmas heist

Such Hack. Many Dogecoin. Very Disappear. So Gone. Wow.




AIDS Vaccine: Professor Admits To Faking The Cure For Money



Against Seventy-Two

Against Seventy-Two @ MySpace

Against Seventy-Two @ YouTube

Against Seventy-Two @

Against Seventy-Two: Deaf Leading The Blind




Free Facebook comes to US phone users without data plans



Science Fiction Becoming Science Fact

Didn’t you see the ending?! 5 movie technologies being built in real life right now!





Music used in the BlendoveR Intro Theme was performed and written by GOTHIC KNIGHTS
[Music and clips are copyright to respective owners, and are used under Fair Use]

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