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The Scarred Spider

The Scarred SpiderBlendover Episode Sixty Six:

Arkansas has outlawed scarification – a stomp on personal expression? Meanwhile, the Lulu app encourages girls to stalk males – if the roles were reversed would trigger outrage in the media. Later, we dive into Marvel films, as the trailer arrives for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Bryan Singer announces that yet another X-Men film is coming.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Shout-Outs
  • Scarification
  • Lulu
  • Rosetta
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • X-Men Apocalypse

BlendoveR is a fun, hard-hitting podcast where rules are regularly thrown out the window in favor of honest, open commentating opinions.  Presented by Greg Davies (cGt2099 from, and Terr Ciavarra (Media Nox from, we stray on to any topic that presents itself or wanders off onto its own tangent.



Shout Outs

Blendover @ Tumblr

Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody




Arkansas Bill SB387

Arkansas passes bill to ban some body modifications

Tattoos and Body Piercings for Minors (State Laws)

Wikipedia: Scarification




Lulu: Fake feminism for the ‘hashtag generation’




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The Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Banner Poster Shows Electro, Rhino, Green Goblin

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer: Spidey’s Greatest Battle Begins

Jamie Foxx Confirms Sinister Six Talks For The Amazing Spider-Man Sequels

Spider-Man Spin-Off Films May Be In The Works Says Sony Pictures Exec




Must Watch: First Trailer For X-Men: Days Of Future Past Is Here

Bryan Singer Reveals X-Men: Apocalypse For 2016

New X-Men film, Apocalypse, to be released in 2016

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Writer Explains How Wolverine Becomes A Time Traveler

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Writer Simon Kinberg Hired To Expand Fox’s Marvel Universe



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Music used in the BlendoveR Intro Theme was performed and written by GOTHIC KNIGHTS
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